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Just a Distant Memory....

Well, long since home!  In fact, this week I'm all over Arkansas working; arrive home on Wednesday night, get myself ready on Thursday and Friday leaving for UK!  So Jamaica really is a distant, and wonderful, memory.

Sisters arrived just fine.  It was a bit of a scare since one sister found she'll be having a heart surgery shortly after we arrived home, but we moved slowly, happily, and had a great ten days together at Greenleaf.  Our days were pretty nice; as both are retired, they happily sat on the deck for extended periods of time, or took a taxi up to our favorite beach spot.




By the end of ten days we were able to walk quite far; towards the end, we went a mile and a half, down to the craft market near downtown.  Anna Lou made friends with a beautiful young man!

 Under another favorite palm tree, we had this view of someone's sand sculpture....always made me smile.

So ten days of good eating, good beaches, good people, and sharing with my friends Dan and Diane who were also along at Greenleaf this year.  Will we all be back?  You bet!




CORE Care Group: About CORE* Bodywork

Hello, I'm Noah Karrasch, founder of CORE* Bodywork and the CORE Care Group. I've been a bodyworker for over 28 years. I trained as a rolfer, but have developed my own work which I call CORE. Since 1994 I've been training massage therapists and others in my personal style of deep fascial release work. This website, formerly a clinic group's site, is now devoted specifically to the work I do and the students/colleagues who are carrying on beside, and in some cases, ahead of me.

Please bear with me as the site changes; just as in bodies, I've found that change is constant but sometimes slow! I hope you can find information you want here; if not feel free to contact me personally. While I still maintain an office in Springfield, MO, I'm spending more and more time traveling, so it seems worthwhile to make this site the US CORE Fascial Release website. Thanks for visiting.


The Power of Words . . . Worth Watching

This short video gives us all something to think about....


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