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Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release

Meet Your Body


Sept 22, 2017 - Coaxing Safety, Safely

Friday (9/22/2017, 10-5)
LOCATION: Heart, Body and Soul - Columbia, MO
No pre-req.
Coaxing Safety, Safely: CORE Philosophy & Success in Therapies: How?— Based on two three-hour courses, this day invites you to consider how you interact with clients, and how you create safety for them to release their trauma. Noah has been studying the vagus nerve for several years and is ever more convinced that it is truly the nerve of well being. We'll look at anatomy, research, breath and heart rate, and work to enhance our abilities to create a safe environment for clients so they can unwind their deep line traumas. And, we'll work on each other!

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