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Where are they now?

This page is devoted to past members of the CORE Care Group, which disbanded in 2013.


John Appleton continues to practice Alexander Technique and Posture Release Imagery from his home in Springfield.  He has recently had several articles published in trade journals and is currently creating a web site.

Roxy Baxter decided there was no need to drive to Springfield when she was getting busy in Aurora.  She still does massage from her home there, and is intrigued by the metaphysics of this planet.

Kelli Biel-Kautz took a turn in her life after she and Jim and the children moved to the Colorado Springs area.  She and Jim have pursued training to become ministers in their denomination.  At last report she was still doing some cranial work.

Ann Catlin  led us to the 777 Battlefield Building, where she was practicing massage!  When we saw her we knew we were in a good space.  She has taken over as director of Compassionate Touch, a therapy for elderly and dying patients, and teaches the technique nationally, and has moved her office into her home.

Drew Clark has moved his practice to another location; on East Sunshine in Springfield.  He's still available for massage and bodywork; call him at 417-459-5474.

Richard Foster worked with the CORE Care Group in 1997 as a Jin Shin therapist.  After leaving CORE, he moved to Portland, Oregon and trained and credentialed as an Acupuncturist.  Richard was involved in a severe car wreck several years ago, broke his neck, but has recovered amazingly well.  He's a testament to what alternative work can do to help.  Today he's somewhere in Australia or New Zealand for at least a year, as far as I know.

Ibby Garvey has moved to Johnson City, Tenn, where she's settled in and finding her reflexology work again.

Garrell and Jacki Herndon have been busy.  Both certified at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, got married while they were studying, came back to Ava and worked a few months with us before deciding they needed to be around the energy of Boulder, and moved back in June of 2005.

Russ Jose has decided to move his practice to an independent location where he will have room to teach classes in acupressure and his martial arts and movement work. 

Carol Kautzmann has moved to Olympia, Washington where her husband has taken a new job and where she expects to fit in well with the homeopathic and alternative communities.  We wish her well.

Frank Lack, massager and CORE bodyworker returned to Springfield from Florida several years ago.  You may reach him at 417-429-7883.

Vinnie McKinney has nearly given up the acupuncture practice.  She is still the owner and full-time manager of Elixir Farms in south central Missouri where she grows seeds and roots for herbalists around the world.  She is drawn more and more to staying home to tend the plants.

Robin Morse has rented her own space so that she can expand her business at will and work any day of the week around her schedule at Northwest.  Robin has many tools in her belt, but is most interested in raindrop technique, aromatherapy, and deep tissue work as well as relaxation massage.

Dale Nimmo has relocated his practice to E Republic Road, and may be reached at 417-773-2921.

Greg Peterson has let go of craniosacral work and returned to his full-time Dr Greenthumb business.  He and Jennifer now have one teenage daughter, and another creeping up on the teens as well.

Patricia Pike retired several years ago from her position at Missouri State University and has let go of private practice for the time being, though she is still interested in working with both guided imagery and with the biofeedback equipment.

Beth Spangler, licensed acupuncturist and RN, left CORE several years ago to form the group Sante which has offices on Repubic Road in southeastern Springfield.  She continues to be very busy and well-loved by her clients here in town.

Linda Stoffel has let go of Springfield for her Rubenfeld work, partly because she's become more involved in music.  She's a member of the band Blackberry Winter, which performed extensively in the movie Winter's Bones.  She lives in Dora, MO.

Charles Sullivan, oriental medicine and acupuncture, moved to Memphis, TN in July of 2005 to work in an established practice there.  Chuck and Angie are proud parents of a third child, Leo, born in May of 2005.  Best of luck in the new life, Chuck!

Laurel Sweet decided it was too much energy to come to Springfield on a weekly basis to see clients. She is focusing on her West Plains practice in addition to presenting occasional classes here in Springfield on EFT basic techniques. Her son Josh has now spent a school year in Australia!

Alan Woodford continues to practice his own brand of Mind-Body connection in our old building on Sunshine Street.  He can be reached at his home office number, 417-736-3313.